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外国专家学术报告:Commercializing research(商业化科研)
发布日期:2017-10-19浏览次数:字号:[ ]

报告题目: Commercializing research(商业化科研)

报告摘要:A few decades ago interactions between research and commerce were regarded as suspect and to be avoided.  Since then there has been a progressive shift to commercialization of research findings where possible, so that research pays back to the society that funds it.  The two main pathways from lab bench to commercial product are licensing to an existing company or starting a spin-off company.  The exact pathway is never the same, but there are some generalities.  We will discuss the spin-off pathway and the progression this generally follows.  We will use an example based on a phytomicrobiome product. 

报 告 人:Prof. Donald L. Smith

位: Director, McGill Network for Innovation in Biofuels and Bioproducts

Director, Eastern Canadian Oilseeds Development Initiative

ProfessorPlant Science Department, McGill University, Canada




间: 201710259:30


主办单位: 农业科技发展研究院(国际联合实验室)

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