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外国专家学术报告:The phytomicrobiome and crop productivity(植物微生物群落与作物生产)
发布日期:2017-10-19浏览次数:字号:[ ]

报告题目:The phytomicrobiome and crop productivity(植物微生物群落与作物生产)

报告摘要:Over the last 32 years research at McGill University in Montreal, Canada has showed that members of the phytomicrobiome and the associated plant communicate with each other through the exchange of signal compound.  These compounds act as the hormones of the holobiont and are effective at very low concentrations.  The two focused on this in this presentation improve the resistance of crop plants to abiotic stresses (salt, drought, heat, cold) and also to disease.  These have been commercialized and are now being deployed over very large areas of agricultural crop land (on the order of 100 million ha) world wide.  

报 告 人:Prof. Donald L. Smith

位: Director, McGill Network for Innovation in Biofuels and Bioproducts

Director, Eastern Canadian Oilseeds Development Initiative

ProfessorPlant Science Department, McGill University, Canada




间: 201710239:30


主办单位: 农业科技发展研究院(国际联合实验室)

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