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外国专家学术报告:Hormones of the Holobiont(共生功能体的激素调节)
发布日期:2017-10-18浏览次数:字号:[ ]

报告题目: Hormones of the Holobiont(共生功能体的激素调节)

报告摘要:We now realize that a plant growing in the field is not an individual; it is a community.  It has associated with it a well structured and carefully regulated community of microbes – the phytomicrobiome.  While there is still an enormous amount to learn about this community it is now clear that exploitation of this community, and its activities, has the capacity to increase crop productivity through what will be a set of low-input, sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies that will be relatively inexpensive to farmers.  Among other things, these technologies have the capacity to make crop plants better able to resist stresses such as drought and high temperature, making crop production systems and the food production systems that depend on them more climate change resilient. 

报 告 人:Prof. Donald L. Smith

位: Director, McGill Network for Innovation in Biofuels and Bioproducts

Director, Eastern Canadian Oilseeds Development Initiative

ProfessorPlant Science Department, McGill University, Canada




间: 201710209:30


主办单位: 农业科技发展研究院(国际联合实验室)

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